Graphic Design

Visual marketing is a high percentage of what brings in customers. Having custom graphics created sets your business apart from another, by creating eye catching marketing materials or a logo that reflects the brand. 

Graphic Design is so much more than just knowing how to use ‘Paint’ on your computer. It requires creativity, skill, patience and the ability to create an image that says something without words.

At Blue Sapphire Media we are lucky enough to have multiple high quality Graph Designers, both male and female, who all have different creative flairs. This gives us the ability to create graphics that are perfectly suited to your brand! 

Our Design services include;


Logo Design

Create a brand new logo, independent to your business that you can trademark and use on your Website, Social Media pages, Products, Business Cards, Images and many other items!

View our logo designs

Business Card Design

Stand out from the crowd and have a business card design tailored to you! Your business card is half of what potential customers will take away from a face to face meeting, so make sure it says the right things in the right design.

Poster and Leaflet Design

Create an eye catching poster or leaflet to use digitally or have printed for your event or business. We can design for all print sizes and we even arrange distribution of materials across Devon and nationwide. Contact us to find out more.

Social Media Graphics

Fantastic imagery on Social Media is what stops that continuous scrolling and encourages you to read a post. Our high-quality graphics are just the thing to add some colour to your social media page.


We will take complex data and timelines and produce visually appealing and easily understood infographics. Instead of making people read a report why not use an infographic that people can understand at a glance. 

Keynote Design

Professional design for your pitches to investors and clients, or for non-graded academic practice.

A swift new logo and attention grabbing branding, now it is time for your professional website design and marketing strategy. You can book a strategy meeting with our business consultant available by phone, zoom, our office in Plymouth or yours. Part of this marketing strategy may include search engine optimisation, view our packages online or claim your free SEO report here.

Our office is based in Plymouth in Devon, however we also enjoy visiting customers across Devon and Cornwall.