Search Engine Optimisation.

Search Engine Optimisation SEO in Plymouth and Exeter, Devon and Cornwall.

The aim of a website is to have a way for potential customers to find the services you provide, with a clear description of what you do and a simple way of contacting you. With over 1 Billion individuals using Google as a search engine, a large portion of your customers are likely to find you this way. 

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is used by many businesses and organisations to climb the ranks of Google. We like to think of it as a ‘points system’, the more points we can get on your website, the higher in the Google search you will show!

Google provides its own paid advertising platform, which puts your website at the top of the Google search when a customer types in one of your ‘key phrases’. It does what it says on the tin and your ‘Google Ad’ is placed above other results in an Ad box. But when times are tough or you choose to stop using paid adverts, it means there was no organic growth for your website and you suddenly disappear from the first page of Google.

At Blue Sapphire Media we have different options that will increase your SEO ranking.

Address Parity

From £99

Address Parity is a service that can help your Google Ranking.

Blue Sapphire can carry out a minimal address parity or full address parity.

Address Parity includes Google Business registration.

Minimal address parity includes inputting your business name, business address, website URL, contact details and category of business.

Full address parity includes the above, as well as inputting your logo, individual services where applicable and a description of your business. This not only helps your SEO but also gives a complete finish. 

SEO Package*

Our initial SEO package makes small changes to the front and back end of your website and includes a full explanation of each step. We will also send you monthly progress updates so you can see the changes for yourself. Once you get in touch we will send you a free initial SEO report to see where you are currently sitting on Google.

Also included;

  • Monthly SEO reports
  • Key phrases you would like to be found with on Google
  • Address Parity (min)
  • Google Business Set up
  • Key Phrase Edit Website Content (up to 5 pages)

Our SEO package is conducted over a certain amount of time. Please contact for more information.

* Payment plans

  • A one off payment £525 (saving £75!)
  • A deposit of £50 + personalised payment schedule. (Total £600)
This package includes 5 key phrases.
Search Engine Optimisation SEO in Plymouth and Exeter, Devon and Cornwall.
Search Engine Optimisation SEO in Plymouth and Exeter, Devon and Cornwall.

SEO Monthly Continuation Package
from £175

If you have purchased the Full SEO package with Blue Sapphire Media, once it has completed its cycle you have the option to continue the upkeep for your SEO.

This ensures you don’t move dramatically from your spot on Google and gives us the opportunity to work on it further. 


  • Monthly SEO Report
  • Continued Advanced SEO work
  • Monthly Blog
  • Advice on Website Maintenance to help your SEO

To discuss any of these options or learn more, please contact us! 

Although Blue Sapphire Media is based in Plymouth, Devon we visit and work with customers across Devon and Cornwall. We also have a selection of hand-picked favourite coffee shops and meeting places in most towns where we conduct many of our meetings.

While you’re here don’t forget to take a look at our other services that will really help your business grow across Devon, Cornwall and beyond! We can help you build a website that suits your brand personality, capture all those potential customers on Social Media, give your brand a refresh or create engaging imagery for your event! Why not advertise your business or event on our Devon and Cornwall based platform or get in touch if you want our expertise in sourcing Vendors and Suppliers!