Flexi-meet for busy entrepreneurs.

Web Design and Social Media company in Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall

Not everybody has the flexibility to attend meetings 9-5, Monday to Friday. We understand for some of you, your business is your ‘escape from your day job’, ‘your side hustle’ or just that you are trying to work it around having the kids all day!

Being unable to attend a midweek meeting can hinder the development of your business, and because we want to give your business the best possibility to bloom and grow, we have decided to offer a Flexi-meet service!

Our Flexi-meet service means you can arrange an ‘out of hours’ meeting that works for you. We offer one Saturday/Sunday a month of which we can conduct our meetings, and we also provide pre-booked evening meetings, for those who need even more flexibility.

So how does it work? It’s so simple!

Just get in contact about your next project over the phone 07716051514, email hello@bluesapphiremedia.com or use our contact form or live chat! Let us know what services you’re interested in, and we can make as many arrangements over the phone/email/etc before the next flexi-meet day!

At Blue Sapphire Media, we are really trying to support the small independent businesses, and therefore we hold our meetings in business premises that are going to benefit from our coffee purchase. Supporting local businesses can be hard to do now that you receive such good discounts online. Still, we understand investing in our local communities means the money eventually makes it way back round to us..and then back out again, in a pleasant local circler economy. We are more than happy to visit an independent business that you recommend, for holding our meetings and don’t worry, the coffees are always on us! Alternatively, if your business premises is suitable for conducting our meeting, we may be able to hold our meeting there for extra convenience for yourself.

After our first meeting, we will be able to discuss turn around times for your project. It is important to us that no-one is working under an unsuitable workload, therefore we promise never to commit too more work than we can do. This means we all stay happy and positive towards our work, creating the best quality of work consistently. If you have a tight time frame, just let us know, and we can look at what options are available.

Contact us today for more information, and let’s get your business digital!