Our Values

Our Values

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At Blue Sapphire Media we took all the things people wanted from their Media company and blended them into our own construction of Business Etiquette and Values.

Blue Sapphire Media is contactable over the phone, through email, through social media and via the website and is punctual with responses to every query.

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We never want to see a business fail, so we will work ‘with you’ and ‘for you’ using our process of Advice, Action, Achievement.

We are real people, at a real business and we understand your ideas are…real! We will give you honest feedback on what may benefit your business and what won’t and that includes not up selling on services you just don’t need! If you are a small business, you make up to 10 items of, say handmade jewellery a month and sell for £10 an item.. you don’t need a flash website! It is not cost-effective for you or time effective for us. We would much rather give you honest advice that keeps your business thriving in the right way, at the right level, for years to come!

In our bid to charge fair prices it means we do have to be careful where we spend our time. We will be as helpful as we can and work hard on your project but we hope you understand that often that ‘small change’ you mentioned us doing, may actually take a few hours.

It is very important to us, as a business and as a matter of pride, to only produce high-quality work. To do this one of our main strategies is fantastic time management. We will not commit to projects that we will not be able to complete within the time frame we have given. This means less stress for our team and not making promises and times we cannot keep.

At Blue Sapphire Media we respect all the business relationships we have, both now and in the future. For us, this includes ‘you’ the new client, our existing clients and also other businesses we work with on creating your project. 

Unfortunately we have been witness to some dishonest confidentiality breaches over the years, as have most people and this made us all feel disheartened. Therefore confidentiality and trust are important values to us as a business. We will not share your business idea with anyone who may use it for themselves. We also understand that just because you do not use our services, does not mean you are not going forward with the idea and it is now up for grabs!

At Blue Sapphire Media we believe communication is such an important part of quality and trust. We communicate about each step of the project by email, online using Trello and by phone. We are also happy to communicate with authorised members of your team including competitors.