Customer Review Scheme

Taking the time to leave a review?

What’s in it for you?

Reviews are important to every business. They help businesses understand what is going well, what should be celebrated and which areas need development.

At Blue Sapphire Media we are grateful for every review, so to say thank you we offer a Review Scheme to help with your next invoice with us.

Simply leave us feedback on one of our 3rd party platforms (Google, Facebook, Trust Pilot & Yell) and as a thank you we offer 10% off your next invoice with us.

Additionally any other feedback you have that will help us improve our customer experience is warmly welcomed.

Leave a review on 1 platform

10% discount on your next invoice.

Leave a review on 2+ platforms

15% discount on your next invoice.

By leaving a review you consent to Blue Sapphire Media using this review for marketing purposes.

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