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Social Media

Social media management / managers in Plymouth and Exeter, Devon and Cornwall.

Social Media connects millions of people world wide, every single day. Did you know that around 50% of the worlds population use Social Media? Now consider how many customers you could be missing out on by not advertising your brand on Social Media in some form.

For plenty of people, Social Media is not their area of expertise and for another handful of people, its just not something they want to use their time on. We don’t waste our time trying to get you to sign up to every Social Media platform we can think of, but we do have an expert that will advise you on the best Social Media options for your brand and services. 

All our social media packages come with advice and guidance on how to make your Social media feed engaging and bring in the new leads your business wants.


Did you know? One of our Social Media Platforms created for locals, has over 20,000 followers and another has 5,000! So what are you waiting for?!

Social Media Set Up & Follower Growth


Get Set Up!  (From £50 per platform)
  • Up to 3 Social Media Accounts Fully Set Up
  • 30 days Free Social Media Advice

Already started but got lost along the way? Don’t worry if your attempted the ‘social media thing’ but it didn’t go to plan… we can fix it! 

Follower Growth  (£99pm)

  • 2 Month minimum term
  • Follower growth is an additional package available to customers who use our Social Media Package.
  • It is charged monthly and is currently only available for Instagram.
  • Includes; A monthly update on follower count and post reach.
  • You can cancel your follower growth package as and when you are happy with your following.

Content Creation

Blue Sapphire we create and schedule your posts, with or without media. We are able to source stock images or use images you provide. All posts are sent in advance for signing off.

£145 = 10 Freshly written posts a month. 1 post every 3 days.

£165 = 15 Freshly written posts a month. 1 post every other day. 

10-15 too many? Or do you have set days you want posts going out? Let’s chat!

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Social media managment in Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall

Management & Engagement

At Blue Sapphire Media we provide social media management for business who want to be online, but don’t want the constant notifications.

With a variety of options and levels of management, you no longer have to worry about creating and responding to engagement. Some of our clients simply don’t use certain platforms personally however it could impact their business if they were not online. We solve this for you!

Please contact us for a price tailored to your needs!

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