Where to start with social media for your business?

Social Media Management Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall

A staggering 45% of people use at least one social media platform, so it is no wonder people are investing in to social media management in Plymouth businesses and across the nationwide. That is nearly every other person you pass in the street. Whatever industry you’re in, your business is going to be impacted by social media whether it is for recommendations, reviews or general information about your business. There are two ‘go-to’ search platforms that the majority of people will use to find a business; Google and Facebook, however just signing up to any platform in the hope it is the right one to suit your business may leave you wasting time, and possibly money, advertising to people who you’re unlikely to convert to customers.

So where do you start?

First, you need to understand what social media platforms are out there from the mega-famous like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, to medium-sized platforms like Pinterest and Google+, to the up and coming, rapidly growing platforms like Snapchat and LinkedIn. Deciding which platforms to use depends on your business and who your customers are.

If your customers are other businesses and professional’s, then LinkedIn is a great B2B platform. LinkedIn can (and in our opinion should be) used for most professional services, like posting job vacancies, networking and collaborating.

Google My Business is a big social media platform often missed by businesses. Google My Business is a way you can make your business really stand out on Google searches. You can get in touch today for a one-off charge and we will have you fully set up on Google My Business in days. Email us at hello@bluesapphiremedia.com

If your customers are people who spend a lot of time online either for work or leisure, then Facebook advertising works very well, especially if you are a local business which is very active online. Facebook is the most used social media platform in the UK with 61-67% of adults using the site at least monthly. 

Instagram is a perfect platform to use if you have visually appealing products or services. Instagram was specifically designed for visual appease, so when you’re using Instagram, make sure your images or graphics are fantastic quality. If you’re looking for photographers for headshots, product photography or professional photography we recommend you contact;

Natalie at www.natalierayphoto.co.uk  (Devon Based Photographer)

Hannah at www.communityphotographicstudios.co.uk  (Plymouth Based Studio)

If you’re setting up on any of these platforms and would like your first follower, pop us an email and one of our team will be your first follower, no strings attached!

So once you have your images, prices, details and you’re ready to get online, what happens next? To ensure your social media profiles are set up correctly, we offer a setup package which includes 3 social media profiles set up for your business. If you have started and got lost along the way, that’s okay! Just get in touch, and we will look at how far you got and complete the process for you.

Social Media Content…

Finding engaging content for your profiles week after week can be exhausting, especially if your skills are in window fitting or hairdressing, and not online marketing. 

That is where we come in again! We have dedicated social media marketing and social media management guru’s to perfect your social media marketing, drawing in followers, customers and opportunities from all over Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall.

Social media is forever changing, with platforms setting new rules and regulations while coming up with fresh ideas to revolutionise the use of social media for personal and business use. Social media marketing is the skill of not only writing and creating content but evaluating who the target audience is, how the content is performing and what changes need to be made to timings or images. An excellent social media marketing agency should be checking your insights regularly and will always try and advise what products or services may need an extra push.

Contact us today to start your Social Media Management and Marketing, and let’s start bringing in more customers to your business!

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