5 Top tips for your new business idea!

2020 has thrown the economy up, down and sideways and many businesses have been forced to innovate and adapt to the new norm or social distancing, furlough and reduced income. However from this turbulent year, new businesses have bloomed, ideas have sparked and new opportunities are in sight.

So, you have a new idea… but that is simply the beginning. With plenty of experience assisting start-up businesses our business consultant gives these 5 top tips for making the most out of your new business idea.

  1. Talk to an expert in the field. A 10-minute conversation with an expert who has done something similar to what you want to do, can save you years of mistakes.
  2. Find out what resources the idea will take, this includes financial resources, but also personal commitment and mindset.
  3. Write a rough business plan or business model canvas, and improve it every month as you develop your idea.
  4. Look for sources of inspiration, examples of businesses, entrepreneurs and products that you would love emulate some positive elements of.
  5. Build a support network, don’t try to do everything on your own. Find personal and professional supporters to help in as many ways as possible – no-one is an expert in everything.

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