In the ideas stage?

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Have you used lockdown to explore new ideas? Is it time to move your idea forward into a business?

Many people have been taking time to concentrate on self-development and online courses while entrepreneurs have taken the time to work on building and organising their businesses. However for some individuals, an array of new opportunities and business ideas have sprung from the unexpected extra free-time people have been experiencing and now it is time to progress these ideas onto fully-fledged businesses!

Becoming an entrepreneur involves investing time, money and ideas while taking sensible risks and available resources vary from person to person. There is no exact combination of personality traits and qualifications that will determine whether your business will succeed but with great ideas, motivation and plenty of support, your business has every chance of success. It is easy to get caught up in starting your social media pages or jumping onto an online ‘do it yourself’ website builder that ties you to that platform.

So what do you need to think about first?


The main thing to remember is that every person’s journey in business is different. Some entrepreneurs self fund their start-up, some may get grants or loans, and therefore they move at different speeds and in different ways. Ensure you are making choices for your start-up business that you understand and that suit your circumstances. Many businesses fail in the first 2 years, so try not to jump into something big straight away if you don’t yet have much experience. 

To help you with your initial planning, we have created a helpful business model canvas you can download, which will help you think about which areas of a business need further thought or preparation. If you need assistance filling this in, have any questions or require an editable version, please send an email to

(Download your business model canvas)

Once you have completed your business modal canvas, take some time to research and reflect on what you have written. You may choose to add more information about suppliers or spend some time thinking over your funding options. Consider all your connections or visit some local networking events to get feedback on your plan.

It is important to remember, you will be unlikely to start a successful business in one day, and there are plenty of individuals and organisations that would love to support you in your new business journey. At Blue Sapphire Media we love to watch a new business grow and thrive. We even provide our services at a discount price for businesses in the first 2 years of trading.

When you are ready to further your idea, we recommend taking a look at our next blog, which will include a full business plan template and some steps and considerations for your business. For early access, pop an email to

In the meantime, we can provide many types of business support, resources and guidance for start-up businesses. As well as this, we provide the digital resources you may need such as website design in Plymouth, Social Media management in Plymouth and SEO in Plymouth (search engine optimisation), so feel free to get in touch and speak to one of our team about your requirements. You can use our handy chat on our website, email, call or contact us via our social media pages.